Eat no evil…

Apparently I don’t make omelettes, I make fried egg with vegetables. I only realised this when a housemate informed me of the difference.

I am also currently eating nutella from the jar with a spoon. So I am not likely to be picking up any Michelin stars soon…

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However I do love food and being a vegetarian for the past 13 years or so, and not being a great cook, means eating out is very important to me.

Bristol has such a wide range of food choices from street food to top restaurants and chains…Here’s just a few of my faves especially if you are like me, a celery muncher…

1. Runicible Spoon

Absolute star, favourite restaurant in Bristol, possibly favourite restaurant I have been to in a long time. Tiny little place, up on the hill overlooking Stokes Croft and Cafe Kino. An experience, save your stomachs and time for this one… you can indulge in a long evening and fast food, this is not. It is however, definitely worth a visit. Great for dates, taking out your mum, catching up with friends or just because you fancy a nice night out…

Wow I’m drooling just thinking about it…

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Slap bang in the middle of Stokes Croft, a hidden gem.

Seasonal and varying menu

Everything feels unique from the breads to the petit-fours or cheeses between main and pudding

Cons- I used to go here with my ex (personal)

It can be cosy (can be a pro depending on your feelings on personal space)

I can’t go too many times in a row, because there is only one meat, one fish and one veggie option. But hey the food is so good, you’d be willing to have the exact same menu the week after!

2. Biblos

We actually ended a night out early just to get a Biblos the other day… that proves how tasty these wraps are. Top up signature wraps with extra halloumi, hummus etc…The salads are original and delicious, the sauces compliment them. If you are feeling worse for wear, do not be tempted by dominoes or subway, but make your way to Biblos instead.

They also had a very attractive guy running their stall at the Vege Fest last year… (always a plus)


Proximity to city centre/Stokes Croft

The veggie challenge or Meat challenge if you must.

Chilled staff and place to hang out

Easy to get a take away and late opening hours for those walks home…


The veggie challenge (on the days when your eyes are bigger than your belly) See below…


They recently had a vile post on Google reviews about them having right wing staff?? I’ve never found them anything less than charming, chilled and not particularly political. The late opening hours means the staff are patient enough to put up with the drunkards of Stokes Croft, which is saying something!

3. Casa Mexicana

I love a good mexican. I love the hats, the tiny people in huge somberos and tequila… well I have mixed feelings on tequila.

Sat on Zetland road, it feels like a home away from home. Last time I went I genuinely felt like I was sitting in a friend’s living room… if I had Spanish friends and they were really good cooks. The portions are very generous, the flavours are amazing and whether you go for a pitcher of beer or some of their home-made cocktails, you will not be disappointed.


Amazing homemade guacamole, tomatoey salsa sauce and everything authentic

Friendly staff

Do all the main Mex treats vegetarian style and the vegetarian fajitas are amazing (SEE BELOW)

mexicanmexican s


Do not go on a date to this restaurant



4. The Thali

Not the biggest fan of this place of late, I feel its standards have slipped. But keeping it in because i love the word “tiffin” and my best friend who is vegan is a big fan, so it’s good for us animal lovers….


Personally I love the decor and the fact if you are feeling a bit fancier, you can head up to their Clifton branch

Can be found at many festivals including Glastonbury, have a lovely little tent set up there and you know you’ll get some good street food

Good range for vegans/veggies


I don’t find their menu changes as often as I’d like

Portion sizes can vary

5. Grounded

I usually head to the top of Gloucester road for the Horfield branch of this little find. I have had many excellent breakfasts and casual dinners out here, and would choose it again and again over pricier places…

It’s not stunning but they do some good themed nights and the food quality is top notch.


The walnut and honey cake is to die for.

Really nice selection of salads.

Great pizza considering it’s not an Italian

Lovely breakfast/coffee spot

Usually great staff!

The walnut and honey cake is probably calorific (but worth every single one)

A little off the main stretch…

I once encountered a very stroppy guy behind the bar, but last time I went the guy was charming and really helpful. Mixed bag?

Too many children on Saturday mornings… very family friendly which is less good if you are feeling fragile!

6. Devs…

Recommended by a friend. Really high quality Indian food which is just that bit different from your usual takeaway. A lot of the menu is a surprise, huge range for vegetarians and as far as I’m concerned a good Indian is pretty much the best meal ever. Enjoy.


Amazing indian food

BYO (Morrisons just down the road)


Must book- gets super busy

Bit far up Gloucester road but you can always wonder down to the Golden Lion for a drink or two after…

As a heavyweight eater, I could fill this list with plenty more tasty treats. But those are my top 6 eats for now….


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