Noel yet?

I woke up feeling unseasonably jolly and Christmassy.

I have no idea why. I believe I was dreaming about Strictly on Ice (probably because the Amelia date guy text, in the middle of the night, asking how I was with ice skating. Answer- not good to ambulance worthy) and I just woke up feeling that end of November feeling of eeeek it’s Christmas soon.

I say unseasonably and that’s the question of this post. It is the beginning of November. Some shops have been stocked with advent calendars since September which seems premature at best. But, how soon is too soon to embrace that Christmas feeling?

As an only child, and may I add not the usual bratticus (only very occasionally), I was not a huge fan of Christmas.

Oh of course I loved getting presents, happy to see extended family (for the most part) and have two weeks off school (still loving that part). But lazy and passive child as I was, I would happily sleep until about 11. I remember on several occasions being made to get up by my more excited parents.

Funnily enough at university, it went the other way, reverting to childish decorations and buying Paperchase sparkly decorations (loan-well-spent) and, bursting with excitement, allowing ourselves to watch Elf on the last weekend of November. I think this was in part due to being excited to go home but christmas at uni certainly was all about embracing the dress up, drinks and over eating (dodgy attempts at roasts which make me glad I’m a veggie)

Christmas now is pretty low key but I do still find myself getting more excited than my child self. Perhaps it’s just a natural reaction to facing 25 and refusing to believe I am a grown up.

images (3)


My facebook newsfeed resembles a commercial for a department store, from people making pom pom, Laura Ashley, Christmas wreaths to countless shares of THAT penguin, you know the one, the one that has inspired far too many mail order bride jokes.

As for the wreaths, our pumpkins got smashed in at Halloween and we live in Redland so I don’t hold out much hope for any middle class porch decs.

But I’ve also had invites to various Bristol events and according to another blog Christmas is CHAOS if you are single. So looking forward to that…

Sense the sarcasm


“Is that Mistletoe?”

“Uhhh no that’s Basil…”

“It’s Christmas” is a pretty good excuse for any misbehaviour. What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe!

Winner of the best Xmas advert so far has to be Sainsburys with its re-enactment of the Christmas Eve truce and football match. Historical inaccuracies and doubts aside, the pacifist in me was tearing up and it sure beats penguins who should really have gone on Plenty of Fish rather than let their child-owner buy them a wife 😛

download (13)

Penguin seeks female penguin for splashing around and walks on the beach…

Commercialism, gifts, family and Christian values aside, everyone knows the real meaning of Christmas is stuffing your face and putting on a few pounds, ready for the January detox. As a massive foodie or pie which is more accurate description of my appetite, I fully support this part of Christmas. Now being a veggie and not hugely into roasts, I’m not so interested in the day itself but the lead-up to Christmas is confectionery heaven.

download (11)article-1026147-0197E2D800000578-883_224x128download (12)

Need I say more? I have a bit of an OCD tendency to not eat food out of season (i.e. refuse to eat chocolate eyeballs before October 25th for example) but then I saw these babies :


Drool, dribble, devour, diet.

And indulgence is Lindt reindeers. Although why former bunnies can now have a simple ear modification and transform species is beyond me. But hey, biology and animal anatomy lessons go out the window when they are this yummy.

Particularly exciting is post the 25th where suddenly anything with antlers is discounted. YES. Diets need not officially begin until the 2nd, the day after your obligatory nye hangover. Dry January means good weather right?

Which brings me onto another tradition that I think can begin the minute the Halloween make-up is scrubbed off… MULLING stuff, stuff being any form of alcohol.

Stick traditional with Gluhwein (one reason to brave the crowds at Broadmead’s Christmas market) or just stick some cloves, cinnamon and other cupboard spices into some warm wine. Don’t boil it like I did last year, burnt tongue and the alcohol percentage of ribena :P.

If you’re near a Waitrose but not feeling too flash, try Heston’s Mulled cider. Delicious, moreish and on offer I believe…

I could mull over mulled drinks all day… 😉

But there is also the sloe gins, vodkas and wines that the more practical of you will have been hoarding.

We actually have a whatsapp group for our sloe gin, because Mr.Oliver states it should be turned every other day…This makes us sound amazingly prepared but we left sloe picking too late and our precious gin is a quarter bottle size. Just elf sized.

And as my fave green-clad character (sorry Kermit) says,

Sparkles and Shoes Elf

Nothing like a sing-a-long to a good old carol. My favourite being “Ding dong Merrily on High”, “Hark! The Herald Angels sing” or the lesser sang in churches, Ms Carey’s “All I want for Christmas”… If you can’t beat them, join them.

With this in mind, I am known for my volatility and likely to change my opinion at any time. Look out for my anti-Christmas, Scrooge post coming soon (probably nearer December)

November tidings

PS I’ll let you know if I survive ice skating.



  1. addylee1 · November 17, 2014

    this is cool 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • dineoutonthis89 · December 2, 2014

      Thanks 🙂 funnily enough I’m feeling less Christmassy already…typical!


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