Don’t hate the player…

People often talk about dating rules, but my house has it’s own kind.

My housemate has a list of rules…possibly written in stone…

Number 1- Don’t get with your housemates (done it)

Number 2- Don’t go back to exes (done it, briefly)

Number 3-Don’t sleep with friend’s of friends

Number 4- Don’t get with work colleagues

I mean really, who is left?!



  1. girlseule · November 20, 2014

    The housemate thing is a bad idea, but I used to have a huge thing for one of my housemates and I totally would have gone there had he been keen.

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    • dineoutonthis89 · December 2, 2014

      Yeah, I guess it’s not worth trying. As I said in my housemate post, don’t live with hot guys! hehe


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