Blues Beating

As I sit in my living room, watching SATC (nothing changes even if it is a new year), my hipster-housemate is pacing around the room like a caged lion. I hate January, he declared earlier. As sweet as he is (he did just bring me a drink), we call him moody hipster because of these random outbursts, but he’s right January is pretty rubbish.

So some considerations on how to stay cheery this month. Apologies for any spelling errors, I am so far into the depths of a hangover, I’ve lost any concerns for punctuation. I am still, however, being irritated by all the exclamation marks a certain someone keeps using (no-one is that excited all the time, surely)


Firstly, get over it.I swear we are programmed to think that January will be horrific and like the expectations of new years, sometimes it’s about a bit of positive thinking. Set goals. We are a day, week, month closer to SUMMER. As player-housemate says January is time to get focussed (He definitely could be the new Mr.Motivator and he has the guns for it…)

January often leads to questioning and self improvement. And we have already started in our house. Hipster-housemate is probing the deep and meaningful with questions like “Why don’t we see green fur on mammals?” He has also been very concerned today over the pattern of cows. We have come to the conclusion cows do not have stealth mode because they have evolved to be utterly useless at camouflage.


If cows looked like this, would Little Bo Peep have been a cow herder instead?

So January can lead to reflection although usually more “I need to lose weight” rather than “Why aren’t cows green…?”.  I am tempted to create a blog just based on the trials and tribulations of Hipster-housemate.

It feels hypocritical thinking about self-improvement when I am still, several hours later, lounging on the sofa looking for any Roses that won’t make me sick (strawberry was a close call). Whilst simultaneously being bombarded with fitness adverts. £5.99 might be a good price for  jogging pants but still, no thank you. Saying that, I am a girl who took up tennis purely because I wanted to buy a tennis dress and then bought matching white trainers (the tennis racket was put away after 2 weeks and the white trainers continue to languish in my wardrobe) Someone once told me I had hair like Maria Sharapova and this, unrealistically, was what I aimed for.

So plans for January, I will be watching...all the Christmas university challenges I’ve missed over the seasonal period. I definitely need a kick start to my brain after excessive amounts of Prosecco and with that back to work feeling looming.

eating…well and less. Although the latter seems unlikely. I am also definitely going back to one of my favourite Bristolian restaurants, a gem in Easton…The vegetarian, Maitreya Social which I will do a proper review of soon. But GO there, your stomach will appreciate it.

listening… bereft at having put away Mariah and all the other Christmas songs but looking forward to booking some gigs and festivals shortly.

kissing…Hipster-housemate also complained that hangover days are good days to have girlfriends, which he currently doesn’t possess. Whilst I agree to an extent, I also think there is something refreshing about starting the new year single. I love the selfishness of being on my own, I hate being hugged (particularly while hungover) and then there’s all those potentials out there. Potential men, I find, always being much more alluring than real, actual, disappointing men.

Now to return to the final few roses, avoiding strawberry creams, and I will be sticking to the one January tradition that we all love to hate… the diet starts tomorrow.


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