Boozy in Bristol

So having been disgustingly busy with a new job and breaking boundaries with housemates, I have neglected blog-land, which might be why I feel so stressed.

Blogging is like yoga for stress. But it has the added benefits of being way less embarrassing; consider the anonymity of internet-ranting versus bending into ridiculous positions in inflexible, ready-to-tear leggings (yes that has happened)

Whilst I have neglected blogs, I have continued boozing despite social expectations of dry January. Not gonna happen. And you know what, I’m getting pretty good at it…


So whilst I add “drinking”, “keeping drinks down” and “being hilarious/attractive under the influence” to my CV, have a look at my list of the best bars/pubs in Bristol.


Best one to take a date you want to impress: The Milk Thistle

Another date spot. If you want to go all out and spend a fair bit doing it… may I recommend the Gatsby of the Bristol bar scene, The Milk Thistle.

Don’t be deceived by the council building like front, this bar has everything from a full grown deer head to a cathedral-worthy stained glass window.

It is beautiful and yes bordering on pretentious but hell a little extravagance never hurt anyone.

Best bits: – Thrills from the WOW factor in walking in to the minute details from taxidermy and the cocktail names (I. Pea. A, anyone?)

-You would never imagine there was an amazing four floored party house in the very centre of Bristol and you have to go just to see it.


Best one to take a date you actually like: The Gaullimaufry

I fell in love with this bar, not long after moving to Bristol. It was always a choice on the weekend between here and the Blue Lagoon, but since the expansion of the latter which has left it feeling like a town hall, charity event, it has got to be the Galli.

Best bits: – Location, perhaps my favourite stretch in Bristol. Prime spot and perfectly located for a bar crawl into Stokes Croft.

-It’s quirky but again, not pretentious, and attracts a range of Bristolians. The origami and artwork leaves it feeling fun but it also has a semi-romantic vibe going on which makes it my number one date pick.

-The outside booths remind me of bars across the continent and leave you feeling with the perfect continental excuse to enjoy a lunchtime beer.


Best one for a pit stop: The White Bear

Why? Have you ever walked up St.Michael’s Hill… it is stitch-inspiring, kettle-bell workout-worthy slog and you so deserve that pint afterwards at The White Bear, situated convienently at the top.

Best bits: -Its versatility. You can go here for student nights out, a work do, a date and for lunch with my mum (or, you know, your own mum). The place does great food and a good selection of drinks but it also lies in that comfortable place between the “going to break the bank” and the “don’t need to brush your hair” range of bars.

-The veggie burgers are amazing, so much goat’s cheese and I hear the roasts are good too.

-It boasts a theatre upstairs called The Wardrobe, if you feel like being a culture vulture for the evening.

download (3)

Best one to pull: Crofters rights

I had to include a Stoke’s Croft bar as it is my area of choice for a good night out. But over and beyond The Canteen, No 51s and the Love Inn (ew)… it has to be The Crofters rights.

It’s been named in our house, the place to pull. It does seem to have been the scene of many intoxicated encounters but I’ll leave that for another post.

The best bits

– Lacks the pretention of some of the other bars in this famous Bristol area. I feel you could possibly ask the DJ to play Destiny’s Child and not be mocked (tried and tested in No 51s, humiliating!)

-Huge range of ale/beer/nice selection of taps.

– Love the lay out, from the tiny spiral stair case to the watching-a-football-match type stairs to lounge on. The dedicated dancing area in the back has seen many of my housemates whipping their hair about (one in particular, who definitely caused some eye injuries, but also attracted a hot blonde…)

-Disproportionate amount of men. Take that as you will but that definitely gets my approval.

– Just good fun.


Best one: The Haus Bar

Knock, knock. You’ll find this pre-war Berlin inspired diamond underneath an averagely good Indian, at the top of black boy hill.

I first went here on an awkward date that was regimented to the extreme. From his initial instructions: Dress up (right, helpful) to the taxi itinerary “quick, down your drink!”. Needless to say, the date did not go far. But I was impressed by his introduction to my favourite bar in Bristol. From the relatively well hidden location, curtain entrance to the tiny but beautifully decorated toilets (another must in a good bar) and the all-encompassing menu, that the bartenders are still willing to divert from, this is the place to drink in Bristol.

Best bits: -Water, water everywhere… Constant top-ups by attentive and, more importantly, attractive bartenders, which might be why despite potent measures, I feel hangover-free after spending last night in this delightful watering hole.

-Pretzel pot. A good cocktail is not complete without some olives or nuts and like the water, snack pots are refilled regularly. Another reason for the pain-free head.

-The possible owner- who is always the most casually dressed, last night he donned a fleece and yet still seems like some sort of European overlord.

-People watching- Cheers might disagree and whilst sometimes it’s nice to go where everyone knows your name, the anonymity of this bar and the fact it has such a variety of punters, means you’ll never get bored of listening at the bar.

Note- This is by no means an exhaustive list, and for the sake of research, I will be continuing to try the various bars Bristol offers…

Watch this space.




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