Hot dog, sauerkraut and chili…

Guesses for what this post is about ?


I always thought the opening lyrics to Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer in the city” were “Hot dog, summer in the city”…

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Googling the song for my post on summer in my city, Bristol, I found that this is a common mistake and others have misheard it as, “Hot dog, sauerkraut and chili”. Alas, the vegetarian is not qualified enough to talk sausage (steady) so we’ll stick with the beautiful weather we’ve been having, delightful and a very British topic of conversation.

I feel a tad woozy today and no, I haven’t been drinking. I did, however, fall asleep in the sun for a couple of hours and yes I have, ridiculously, gained a slightly reddened forehead. Typical English rose (ha) goes out in 15 degree “sunshine” and gets burnt.

I may be slightly embracing the summer, but I am NOT wearing any shorts or skirts without tights until the 1st of May, mostly to make a point to my embarrassing housemate and boyfriend. I refuse to be one of those “spring w**nkers” who decides to don the wife beaters in February just because it hasn’t snowed for a week or two. He, who probably hasn’t given up the flipflops, I knew a guy at university that wore flipflops all year around and completed his look with a sprig of tinsel at xmas.


Anyway, personal preferences for flesh exposure aside, here are my tips on what to do if you happen to be in Brist this Summer…


Date: May 23rd- 24th 2015

As we’ve moved away from hotdogs, here’s to a vegan friendly event “Vegfest”

Enjoy: the typical harbourside festival chilled vibe.

-the great food, even if you aren’t veggie, from Indian curries to Biblos wraps to random faux-meat products (and none of that “Why not just eat meat rubbish” just because I’m veggie doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a sausage, not a euphemism)

-the actually helpful cooking tips and various guest speakers, I learnt how to make different yummy veggie stock a few years ago, sorry OXO.

-some good music, with often local bands on the tiny stage.

Personal highlight: Once got a free wrap and a wink from a very cute member of staff at a local Bristol food stall.

And for you soul-less (heh) carnivores out there… I believe there is an event called Grillstock later in the summer when you can fill your chops with well, chops to your heart’s content.


A sunbathing shot from the 2013 Vegfest

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Dates: 6th-9th August 2015 

Had to mention this one as people seem to flock to it and we are pretty famous for our balloons so……


-the balloons… I mean seriously if you aren’t keen on those hot-air filled things, do not go.

On the other hand… despite balloons, there are also a wide range of fairground type things and again lots of yummy food stalls (but obviously, less veggie friendly or varied than the above Vegfest) and places to get drink.

It seemed to me, a mid-20s female, to be fairly family friendly. Take that as you will.

If the weather is good, Ashton court estate is a beautiful place to spend the day, unlike last year where me and my housemate spent most of it crouched under an umbrella whilst I drank overpriced cider and he ate liquorice (don’t ask)…Definitely bring your brolly!

The light show, or seductively named night-glow, is nice and vaguely romantic and so this could be one for a date. Although again, it is literally balloons being lit up to a generally Radio-1 esque soundtrack…Perhaps if you ply your date with cider and liquorice, it may still be a success.

St Pauls

Date: 4th July 2015

Another now locally famous event, it may not be Notting Hill but it’s always a good night out.


-Dancing in the street, dancing on walls, dancing in tents, dancing on your friend’s shoulders, dancing on various makeshift stages. It is all about some good music and good times.

-Carribean culinary fare and cans from bathtubs, sinks and the trolleys being pushed about.

-The festival feel.

Personal highlight: With hindsight, I am not entirely sure I’d class it as this, but it was at a late, after-St Pauls stop in Stokes Croft that I met the Italian of this fame. (He does actually know I have a blog now, so ciao A ;))

Anyway, I have always wanted to go on a date with an Italian so TICK.


All my “good” pictures of St Pauls include friends so here’s a random bad yet anonymous shot.

To be continued …


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