Best of the fest…

Sun’s out and amongst the guns, and oh God that perpetual fight with the epilator, we can look forward to festival season. (Note: I still am in that happy place of prioritising festivals to weddings, I’m thinking I have 4 years tops until this changes)

As I hail from one of the best festival sites in the world, I have been pretty used to festival living. The overflowing portaloos of the aforementioned event, never stopped me enjoying the festivities and I have to say I am at my most content with a cold Brothers in my hand, sat by the stone circle with my home friends.

Ever the style queen, I remember wearing a handknitted (thanks, nan) black jumper with a huge red star on and my legs wrapped in bin bags (it was one of the muddy years), turning my sensible cords into cool leather and feeling like a rockstar. Albeit an 11 year old one.

I’m not entirely sure I can pull off raiding the cleaning cupboard for plastic bags so instead I suggest my absolute classics for a foolproof summer festival without a flower headband or pair of hunters in sight…

The bag

I hate to be practical. But after years of festival bags, I finally succumbed and decided to opt for one which has what every festivaller needs, a zip.

For the emergency debit card, phone (my virgin-festival-instagram is going to implode this summer) and essential hip-flask. I am a G&T girl  through and through, but for a festival it has to be vodka and cranberry, the only alcoholic drink that can be slightly warm (thanks tent) and still taste OK.


Pull and Bear, bargain @ £9.99

This one is my own personal fave. It’s easy to wear but more secure than my usual saddle bag and comes in lots of funky colours. White might not be the best choice for a mudbath, I opted for metallic silver. If you can’t shine at a festival, when can you?

The dress

Me and my housemate have an ongoing friendly rivalry. I say she wears too many pastels and she declared my colour palette was “musty” but funnily enough I always thought of myself as a huge fan of colour when the sun shines. I always say I’m a classic girl and I do still bring out the white, in the same way my inner goth screams for black from September onwards.

 I remember being ambushed by a guy at a festival who unashamedly mmm-mmmed me. Needless to say I was both horrified and slightly pleased (this dress was amazing). But dresses, regardless of cat-calling, are the easiest, stress-free outsift, easy to pack and perfect to take you from day to night (with the addition of tights).

Boots and slightly hippy dress screams let’s dance in a tent and see where the night takes us…

Trim Insert Pinafore Overlay Sundress62N54HGLD_normal10L01HBLK_normal

Left to right: White lace dress and for the Gold dress, and finally black hippy-esque playsuit, all from Topshop.

If you don’t fancy these I usually find anything from the beachwear section will be suitable for your entire festival wardrobe.

The footwear

Alongside having to put a bikini on, men in flipflops and the constant burnt nose, the thing I hate most about summer is the hellish welly rash.

For those of you not familiar with it, this occurs when sweaty, danced out legs rub against your totally hygienic and classy wellies. I would always have endorsed a good sturdy pair of wellies but now I think a pair of hiker boots may be more appropriate and stop the inevitable rub and red patches of wellydom.

Someone used to mock my own “heavy duty booties” as she termed them. But when you are facing disgusting overflows from toilet blocks alongside crazy heatwave weather, heavy duty boots are the only way to go. They also help maintain the balance of your outfit, no one wants to look too sweet and elfin like in floaty white dresses, but don some workmen boots and you are pretty much achieving your old embarrassing hotmail account (mine was moshing fairy, *cringe*) Embrace your festival fairy with boots that can mosh with the best of them:

timberland 2timberlanddune at john lewislaceys-london-laceys-london-odele-womens-leather-chelsea-boots-tan-brown-p44439-60554_medium

Top to bottom: From traditional Timberlands in black and tan to black Dunes or if you can guarantee a less messy festival and good weather say Coachella or Rock en Seine, then it has to be a classic chelsea boot. These are from

The accessories

Glastonbury banned the Native American feather headdresses last year due to cultural appropriation (say what?!) and even though festivals shouldn’t be a catwalk, I still think we can maintain some grace and avoid the old fairy wings.

I remain positive about glitter.

But here are some colourful bits and pieces to get you into the festive spirit without making you look like a Hen-do bride on halloween…


Left to right: Bright and beautiful necklaces, feather-earrings (festivals should be the only time after Secondary school that you attempt to wear feathers)


Top it off with a huge colourful scarf like this paisely one. Not only protects shoulders from sunburn but if large enough can be used as a pillow for a handy midday nap. Pull out a wooly bright one from winter for the chilly evenings and drape over yourself for that ultimate ethnic chic (if a suitable sized scarf cannot be found, pick up a cheap throw at Ikea. It is likely to be sodden in mud and goodness knows what by the end of the weekend after all…)

All from Zara, the shop I would save from the retail fire or recession, over any other.

Other tips? Keep it safe. Have fun, stay hydrated (not just with the vodka hipflask cocktails) and avoid the she-pees at all cost, or don those bikinis for potential accidents, don’t ask…


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