England keep my bones…

….and other Shakespeare quotes.

Moving on… It is an absolute cracking day, weather wise.But alas, I am sat inside marking rather than out in the sunshine enjoying a cold pint…Well when I say marking, I am definitely just blogging and watching re-runs of Greenwing.

I decided I should contemplate today, 23rd April, St. George’s day.

Now two of the things in my opening sentences were very English. I accidentally mentioned the weather and I suggested my innate desire to drink. So far, so English.

It seems rather unfashionable to like England or be, God forbid, patriotic. It’s kind of like admiting to voting for UKIP.

While I certainly won’t be downing bitter in the local with Farage nor crossing his box on May 7th, I am happy to say I love England. Particularly Bristol… but nonetheless, I love living in England and on this day of dragon slaying, I thought I’d consider the best places to go or “English” things to do…

1. Tea…

It had to be up there but you know what. I hate tea. I genuinely think tea smells like old ladies or old ladies smell like tea…I am yet to find a socially appropriate enough experiment to decide.

However I do love a good bit of cake. So try not to feel too guilty imagining the imperialism as you sip your English Breakfast, as afternoon tea is really rather good.

I suggest…


http://www.coxandbaloneytearooms.com, for a delectable stop on that long walk between the arches and town in Bristol…

And for that matter… cocktails in teacups is practically tea. We are renowned for our drinking and why not embrace two of our national stereotypes in one.

11157932_10152809926477055_267702554_nCocktails in china, at Jersey Lily on Whiteladies Road. You are most welcome…

2. The National Trust

I used to complain to my mum that we just went to NT places when everyone else got to go to theme parks. Now I could not be more pleased that my childhood was spent roaming around castles, gardens and breathtaking cliff tops. It is almost certainly the reason why I chose to take a History degree, which I loved. It is also probably part of the reason I love nature so much and can tell the difference between thyme and mint, unlike my boyfriend :P.

From following a grown man dressed in a Easter bunny outfit around a stately home estate to having a peacock eat my marmite sandwich and, obviously wet child that I was, bursting into tears, the National Trust has given me so many memories and we are very lucky to have someone protecting these places.

So go fly a kite or take a picnic to a NT place near you.

I recommend Stourhead or for a very close trip, Tyntesfield (they also do very nice tea and cake)

3. Breakfast.

Now we’ve done away with the tea, even vegetarian me cannot escape the beauty of a full english.

Whether you are hash brown happy, the egg poacher or a tomato sauce all over the plate type, no one can deny that we do breakfast well. As a character says in my favourite Poirot, “SO glad they do a proper breakfast here, none of that brioche rubbish!”…

And if you can’t manage that? Three words: Marmite on toast.
Britain on a plate.

4. Vegetarians

Britain is the only place in the world I don’t feel like some sort of freak when I say I’m vegetarian.

From France with the added jambon on everything from margarita pizza. Italy, when the man at our hotel just slid the meat off our plate (yum :P). or Australia, worst of the bunch, where I genuinely think they thought me and my mum had, had some sort of mental breakdown when we weren’t gnawing into flesh at the BBQ. They did also ask me why I was reading a book, so y’know…

Anyway. Britain is great for vegetarians. From my own small home town of hippies where vegan, gluten-free, coeliac meals are easier to come across than a KFC. In fact we did actually burn down the Mcdonalds (not me personally, but I can’t say I disapprove) to the michelin star restaurants across the country (like the amazing terre a terre in Brighton)


Summer for a vegetarian…

Let’s not forget:

Great comedy, such as Greenwing (still watching) and…


Music… The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Oasis, Queen, Blur, The Cure…I could go on?
For a small country our musical talent is pretty remarkable. On the other hand, I really would remove Oasis as the Gallaghers are definitely not something that makes me pleased to be English. Particularly as the one and only time I saw them play they had a strop and walked off… Charmers.

The language… Our sarcasm, cynicism, overly polite remarks, fear of getting into too long a conversation and this guy:

download (14)

And even though we will certainly get a muppet, at least we get to choose which muppet to vote for and are free to tweet to said muppets about their muppetdom. Freedom of speech, democracy, protest, letting Russell Brand rant…

So take a moment to appreciate the fictional dragon slaying…

And it hasn’t even rained in days.


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