Cup of tea then, Bristol?

My, oh my, have I been a lady of leisure recently… From breakfast, lunch and supper out to random stop offs for coffee and cake, my waist band and wallet are unforgiving. But it does mean I have some excellent suggestions for a friendly cuppa, coffee or a tantalising baked good in Bristol.

Having been a late bloomer to the baking game, I usually rely on shop bought cakes as my own baking adventures always end more burnt than Berry.


You and me neither Mary. Thank god for the end of the days of Tinder (TSOT)

So where to make like Alice and enjoy the tea party… (Mad hatter optional)


“What do you mean you don’t do almond milk?…”

The one with the to-die-for cakes.

Whilst we might not judge books by their covers, the artistry of cakes from the icing to the sprinkles or even the odd edible flower, just adds to the best afternoon tea experience in town.

Not only are the cakes works of art but this little gem is found in one of my favourite parts of Bristol, shopping paradise of St Nicholas market – Ahh Toots, a lovely cake and coffee stall, found amongst the falafel and flowers of the main stretch. The snuggly little cubby holes make for an awkward work coffee or, more optimistically, a cosy date.


Yup it even does bacon cupcakes. I look forward to their fake-on one…

The one I can’t stop blogging about.

I hate repeating myself but I am a self-confessed Deco advert, and their brownie is the best brownie in Bristol.

If that doesn’t get your sweet tooth going, then how about the salted caramel bubble bar? I don’t have a picture of this one as I have never had enough self restraint to take a picture before having a nibble. YUM. Calories what calories?

The one for the tourists.

I had to get over my dusty-old-lady phobia for this one. A charming find, on the long trek (from town) between Stokes Croft and Gloucester, is the epitome of a charming English tearoom. And because of this charm, it was full of tourists wearing out their instagram on the cute teapots and quirky cups.

Hell if you can’t beat them, join them.



A highlight of this place, from a reluctant tea-drinker, is the yummy loose blends, one of which includes white chocolate chunks and strawberries.

The most amazing cafe in the world.

Now I don’t want to get your hopes too high, I am known for my exaggeration and general over excitement, but if a guy took me on a date here he would definitely be getting a post-date kiss.

The aptly named The Playground Coffee House, found just on St Nich’s Street, is a dream come true for a childish 25 year old like myself.

I was told off for taking too many instagrams during my date here (was with the bf, so phone use was socially acceptable I feel, we still are yet to agree on this) and for not paying attention to the game of drafts. I subsequently lost the game, which meant the bf was happy, and I was also happy because I was on a SWING.

Yes several chairs in this cafe are actually swings. At first it felt mildly dodgy a la SATC and some sort of sex swing but then I just embraced that nostalgic summer park feeling and swang. Good fun, lovely fruity coffee, tasty cakes and a whole lot more exciting than your Boston Tea Party.

Swing away.

For take away treats…

Lynda’s Loaf on Bristol harbour, for huge doorsteps of baked goodies.

I and my tummy roll know there are many more yummy places so expect an update soon.

Disclaimer: I have only ever recommend places I have personally stuffed my face at.



  1. Bristol Babble · May 27, 2015

    Deco Lounge chocolate and ginger slice is my personal fave 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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