The why…


The name

I appreciate alliteration and this was my main priority when considering what to name this blog…

A rapscallion is a delightful word I recently discovered and I thought it would be relevant for a blog by someone who is blunt and socially awkward (in a different way) according to my charming housemates.

For honest (sometimes brutally) but reliable and random insight into living in one of the cushier areas of Bristol, but in, may I add, a very dubious house with 7 others (I did consider calling this Snow White’s diary but you never know if they might find it…)



The city

Ahhhhhh Bristol…. I say it with the same love, Indiana Jones reserves for Venice whilst seducing the Nazi blue-eyed Elsa…

A beautiful city beyond gert lush and scrumpy, it has been voted the best city multiple times over the last few years and with good reason.

I am reliably informed it is the place to be*

*Miscounting London, but who wants to live in London anyway…

So for advice or rather comment on good places to eat, drink, dance and general remarks on shared living, dating in your 20’s (without too many Bridget Jones references) and other such nonsense, read on…


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